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soda blasting in downtown nashvilleIf you need to restore a surface or remove paint or any other unwanted adhesive you might be dreading the thought of harsh chemicals or of sand-paper and lots of elbow grease! Say good-bye to all of that with soda blasting. This very safe and highly-effective process uses high-pressure compressed air and specially formulated bicarbonate soda – otherwise known as baking soda, to strip away contaminants, leaving the underlying surface undamaged. It has a wide-variety of applications including outdoor cleaning, car restoration, industrial cleaning, paint stripping and rust removal.

At Sandblasting Nashville TN, we are the industry leaders in this type of cleaning technology and can handle any project size at a very affordable price.

Unbeatable grease and grime removal

Grease and grime can really start to build up when you do a lot of cooking. Whether it’s your home or commercial kitchen that needs cleaning, soda blasting is the ideal process. This process breaks down fatty, greasy build-up from food so it can be easily removed. Once the process is complete we simply rinse with water and your kitchen equipment is sparkling like new again.

The sodium bicarbonate we use is simply a specially processed version of regular baking soda and it is completely non-toxic, so you can feel confident using it in a food environment. For a fast and super-effective grease removal, soda blasting is an excellent choice.

Outdoor cleaning

Soda blasting is a versatile technique for cleaning and restoring all sorts of buildings and outdoor surfaces. It has the power to strip paint and remove graffiti or grease while still being able to be adjusted to be used on surfaces such as sandstone and even glass. Other outdoor applications include the removal of smoke damage from brickwork and mould removal. With our soda blasting system being portable, we can reach any part of a building you need cleaned.

As a natural and non-toxic product, sodium bicarbonate can be used outdoors without harming the surrounding environment. Because it is fast and doesn’t use harsh chemicals it is also a very cost-effective method of cleaning.

The Possibilities are Endless

Kitchen and outdoor cleaning are just two of the almost endless uses for soda blasting. There really aren’t too many surfaces in existence that soda-blasting can’t be used on. And whatever issue you want gone, whether it’s mould, grease, smoke damage, paint, rust you name it, our experienced staff have probably seen it all!

Get in touch to find out how the non-destructive power of soda blasting can get your surface cleaned and prepared faster and more effectively than you could have imagined.

Professionals you can trust

Because of its effectiveness, speed and wide range of applications, soda blasting is growing rapidly in popularity. This means that many operators are popping up with limited experience and sub-standard equipment. At Sandblasting Nashville TN, we have years of experience in the business and we pride ourselves on using the best soda blasting systems available to ensure our customers get a superior service every time.

Contact us today and find out how our soda blasting service can clean or restore whatever surface it is you have in mind.


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