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dustless blasting interior project in nashvilleDustless blasting is an innovative and super-effective surface preparation and restoration solution with an endless range of applications. The power of compressed air and an abrasive media combined with water creates an extremely effective and safe process that can be used on a wide-variety of surfaces. Our dustless blasting system can be adjusted to suit almost any surface. We can obliterate the toughest of coatings you can imagine while also being able to clean, shape, smooth and etch more fragile surfaces like sandstone and wood. This chemical-free process is safe, with the addition of water keeping dust particles at an absolute minimum.

We are the leaders in this type of surface treatment so when you are looking for dustless blasting in Nashville, talk to us first.

Dustless Blasting Application Possibilities

The application possibilities of dustless blasting are endless. The power-level and nozzles can be adjusted to suit the project and our staff have the training and know-how to do this right. We can clean and repair almost any surface and there is almost no limit to what can be removed. Particles like paint and rust are obliterated while the underlying surface remains intact making it ideal for graffiti removal. Gum, oil stains, bitumen, powder coat - however challenging you think your project is, dustless blasting can handle it.

It can even be adjusted to be used on more delicate projects, such as restoring antique furniture. At Sandblasting Nashville TN, we are the experts in dustless blasting and we pride ourselves on offering this versatile and powerful product and a very affordable price.


Using dustless blasting for your surface restoration or preparation needs has many advantages. As well as all the surfaces it can be used on, the portability of our system means that we come to you. If it is being used outside, the surrounding grass and plants will not be damaged with this process and using dustless blasting also makes cleaning easier.

Dust particles fall right to the floor of the area being worked on rather than being spread around the room so there is less to clean-up once the job is done.


Here at Sandblasting Nashville TN the safety of our customers, staff and the community we are working in is our priority. If the work you require is at home, you can be assured of your family’s safety. Dustless blasting is a very safe process and is eco-friendly and chemical-free.

By utilising water to virtually eliminate dust particles from the air, ventilation and visibility remain clear. When applying dustless blasting to surfaces in the work place, the surrounding air remains safe for others to continue working close by, especially if the work needs to be completed in more confined spaces.

Residential and Commercial

At Sandblasting Nashville TN, we provide dustless blasting to both homes and businesses and we take on any size project. We come to you, at a time that suits your schedule.

Dustless blasting is an unbelievably versatile product. If you have a project in mind but are unsure if dustless blasting is the right treatment, contact us and talk to one of our expert staff.


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