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As any boat-owner knows, there is nothing quite like the pleasure of a day out on the water. Owning a boat is a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. When your hull needs algae and marine growth removed or paint or coatings stripped-off it can be a difficult and time-consuming process when done by hand. Sandblasting is a powerful and non-destructive technique combining compressed-air with an abrasive media. It is an environmentally-friendly process that cleans and restores without the use of harsh chemicals. It is highly-effective and can remove all paint and contaminants from your boat while protecting the underlying surface integrity of the hull.

At Sandblasting Nashville TN, we are experts in boat sandblasting and can strip away any build up from your boat and resurface it, improving your boat’s performance and extending its lifespan. This affordable process can save you a lot of time and get you back out there enjoying the water.

Hull cleaning and maintenance

A rough hull surface created by marine growth and old, peeling paint and other contaminants will decreases your boats performance by creating more weight and drag. A clean, smooth hull improves fuel efficiency and can help maintain your hulls integrity. When a hull is properly resurfaced, cracks and potential damage are revealed and can be repaired before it becomes an expensive issue.

You might think that using boat sandblasting to strip and resurface your hull and boat exterior is an expensive process but contact us for a chat to find out how surprisingly affordable it is.


If you are planning on repainting your boat a properly prepared surface will give you a superior finish. If old paint and marine debris are not properly removed, the new paint and coating will not adhere effectively. This can eventually lead to water damage and means the work will need to be repeated more often.

Using a professional sandblasting service will have your boat’s surface totally cleaned and restored, ready to be repainted.

Restoring a used boat

If you have bought a pre-owned boat, there is no way of knowing how the previous owners treated and maintained the hull. They may have simply painted over old, flaking paint without stripping it back properly leading to a build-up of paint and debris. This gives inferior results and affects your boats performance.

Our professional sandblasting service removes all paint, rust and marine contaminants allowing you to repaint it with the peace of mind the new paint will adhere properly, and your boat will be performing at its best.

Experience and expertise

At Sandblasting Nashville, TN we have years of experience helping boat-owners care for and maintain their boat’s surface with our professional sandblasting service. We have the skills, experience and the right equipment to make sure your boat is cleaned and resurfaced to the highest-standard.

Contact us to discuss how we can take the hard work out of owning a boat at a very affordable price so you can relax and make the most of enjoying your boat.


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