About Sandblasting Nashville

Sandblasting is an advanced cleaning and restoration technique providing superior results with almost endless applications. It’s destructive-free power can be used on pretty much any surface you can think of to remove just about anything! Paint removal, rust removal, surface preparation, car restoration, out-door cleaning, boat-hull cleaning the versatility of this process is without exception. With so many uses, you might be wondering how this technique works. Simply, sand blasting, also known as abrasive blasting is a term for a surface cleaning and restoration technique that involves forcing an abrasive media across a surface using compressed air.

The effect of this is to clean, smooth or shape a surface without damaging it. We offer a variety of techniques including traditional sandblasting, dustless blasting and soda blasting and all of our equipment is fully adjustable depending on your cleaning or surface restoration needs.

While these techniques are highly versatile and effective, ultimately, the outcome depends on the operator and the equipment used. At Nashville Sandblasting TN, we have many years in the sand blasting industry working right throughout Nashville, Tennessee. It is through our years of experience backed by solid training that we are experts in this field, so whatever your project is, we know the right equipment and amount of pressure to use, ensuring our customers receive a superior result every time. We have helping thousands of people throughout Nashville restore and clean almost every surface you can imagine.

All of our equipment is of the highest-industry standard and meticulously maintained so when we show up for a job you know we are showing up with the best. We provide both industrial sand blasting and residential sand blasting and we take on jobs of all sizes. If you have a surface preparation or restoration need, contact us today to see how we can help you.


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