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Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting or media blasting, is an advanced cleaning and restoration technique providing superior results with almost endless applications. This technologically advanced process uses compressed air and a media such as crushed glass to prepare and restore a surface without causing any damage to the surface itself. Almost any surface can be treated with this process meaning it has an almost limitless amount of uses.

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It is powerful enough for large-scale industrial cleaning and paint removal or to obliterate the toughest of adhesives and coating from buildings while at the same time it can be adjusted to be used on intricate masonry and woodwork. This safe and environmentally-friendly process is also fast and highly effective, saving you time and money when compared to more traditional cleaning methods.


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    At Sandblasting Nashville TN, we offer a variety of services including traditional sandblasting, dustless blasting and soda blasting and we have the knowledge and experience to work with you to find the right technique for your individual project.

    We work with both residential and commercial customers and when it comes to sandblasting there is probably nothing we haven’t seen in our years in the business! Revamp your swimming pool, prepare a large-scale industrial building for repainting or restore a precious family antique – whatever your needs are, we can help.

    Our experience and knowledge mean we use the right equipment and pressure for the job, so our customers get superior results every time. We pride ourselves on offering the best sandblasting in Nashville, Tennessee.

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    Dustless Blasting

    Dustless blasting uses the power of compressed air and an abrasive media combined with water to create a super-effective surface preparation and restoration solution. It can be adjusted to be used on virtually any surface, from removing coating from concrete to restoring wooden antique furniture. This highly effective process is also safe and chemical-free. Water is used contain dust particles maintain keeping the air clear and visible, enhancing safety and reducing clean-up time.

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    Soda Blasting

    Get your surface cleaned and restored with the non-abrasive, non-destructive yet powerful process of soda blasting. This process avoids harsh chemical and instead uses a mix of bicarbonate soda and compressed air in a technique that created superior yet very safe results. It is particularly useful for cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment but this highly versatile process and can be adjusted to be used on almost any surface, including glass.

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    Car Sandblasting

    When you need your car’s, surface prepared for restoration, sand blasting is the ideal technique. Sand blasting is a non-destructive process that cleans and prepares a range of surfaces and is excellent for rust removal. It is ideal for car restoration because it doesn’t cause warping or scratching of the surface. Corrosion, paint, oil and other contaminants can be handled by this process leaving you with a restoration ready surface.

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    Boat Sandblasting

    Don’t let the tedious and hard-work of cleaning your boat take the pleasure out of owning it. We offer a professional sandblasting service that can quickly and effectively remove paint, coatings and marine debris. A properly cleaned and resurfaced hull reduces weight and drag, improving your boat’s appearance and performance.


    Residential Sandblasting

    Sandblasting is a powerful, safe and effective process to clean and restore all of your home’s surfaces. When you are refurbishing or redecorating, sandblasting is highly effective and can be used for paint removal, rust removal and wood restoration. Our pool sandblasting service can have a tired pool looking like new and if you are repainting we can get the surfaces cleaned and ready, ensuring you a superior finish.

    There really is virtually no limit to the surfaces sandblasting can clean and restore so contact us to discuss how our service can help with your home project.

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    Industrial Sandblasting

    The power, safety and versatility of sandblasting has a myriad of industrial uses. It can be used on virtually any surface to completely remove rust, paint, oil or any other contaminant while protecting the underlying surface. We offer concrete sandblasting, wood sandblasting, surface preparation and our industrial sandblasting service is available for all your plant and machinery cleaning and restoration needs. We offer a fast and efficient service allows your business to maintain maximum productivity.

    “When someone sprayed graffiti on the side of our home we were shocked and devastated. My husband tried to remove it himself, but it just wouldn’t budge. We called Sandblasting Nashville TN, and they came to the rescue. I couldn’t believe how quickly they were able to totally remove the graffiti from our home. After they left my husband had a really close look at the wall and even he had to agree it was like nothing was ever there.” Angela S.

    “When the holding tanks at our plant need cleaning, the guys at Sandblasting Nashville TN are the only guys we’ll use. This is because they are fast and do a good job. They understand that we need to get this job completed fast and have always been reliable. We wouldn’t trust this job to anyone else.” Ross, C

    “Since retirement, I finally have time to spend on my real passion of classic car restoration. After a bad first start, where in inexperienced person damaged the panel of one of my cars I now won’t trust my cars to anyone but the guys at Sandblasting Nashville TN. They have looked after me and my cars well over the years and I recommend them to members of my car club.” Greg A.

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    ​We are the experts in Nashville, Tennessee, in all types of sandblasting and abrasive blasting. This amazingly versatile process can be adjusted to suit a wide range of jobs and in our years in the business we have blasted it all! From antique furniture to large industrial machinery to backyard swimming pools there is nothing we can’t tackle. Contact us now to discuss your cleaning and restoration needs and to find out more about how we can assist you, whatever your project size. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can answer any of your questions and our industry expertise is unsurpassed. Call us or click on our contacts page for more information.

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